Listen To The Wild Radio Calls From The Final Play Of Michigan’s Loss To MSU

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Being in student radio in college is tough. Take it from someone who did it for a little while: trying to be objective on the air is tough when you’re watching your school compete. Trying to call a game objectively while your team is losing is remarkably difficult. Trying to call a game objectively immediately after your team lost in the most heartbreaking fashion possible to a rival is borderline impossible.

However, when you’re live and on the air, it doesn’t matter, as you need to try and explain what just happened while simultaneously being filled with grief. The poor students with Michigan’s WCBN radio learned that the hard way, as they had to try and explain what happened at the end of Michigan’s heartbreaking loss to Michigan State in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Here was what they came up with:

The station’s color commentator sums up the weird mix of agony and anger by screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and repeatedly saying “oh my god.” If there is a positive to be taken away from this for both of the kids in the booth, it’s that it is almost impossible for Michigan to lose in a more heartbreaking fashion again this season.

Of course, not much is different for the professionals in the booth. Michigan just seemed stunned all around by the final play of the game:

The same can’t be said for the folks on the other side of the field, and in the opposing booth. Where there is failure and agony in Michigan’s defeat, triumph and excitement overtakes the call from MSU’s broadcast team:

It’s almost like they’re feeding on every second of anguish from the other side and pushing it back out as pure joy. Football can be amazing at times.

(Via Deadspin)