This Adorable Boy Fails Hilariously At Breaking A Taekwondo Board, Gets An A+ For Effort

Some competitors never waver in their spirit, even in the face of certain defeat. This video of a wee Taekwondo student can teach us all that failure (no matter how frustrating) is never insurmountable. The boy, who can’t be over the age of three, would stop at nothing to earn his white belt. This poor kiddo tried numerous times to break his board, but he simply didn’t possess enough weight or strength to finish the job.

Did he grow upset and throw a tantrum? Nope. Did he give up and try to quit? Not a chance. Even as the cameras rolled, courtesy of his embarrassing parents, tiny tot kept on trying to accomplish the task at hand. Let’s hope someone gave the kid an ice cream cone after class.

For his perseverance, the boy received his belt and became a viral star in about 24 hours. As of this writing, he’s already scored 800,000 video views, and the internet will continue to watch his adorable mistrials. The sad thing is that his parents decided to embarrass him by making this video public. The nicer aspect is how this kiddo will grow up, and no one will ever recognize him as “failed Taekwondo tot.”

(Via BroBible)