This Little Girl Isn't 2 Years Old Yet But She's Already An Amazing Snowboarder

This is “Aspen.” I don’t know if that’s her actual name or not because they like to put it on quotation marks. If it isn’t, she’s earned it, because she’s 18-months old and is already better at snowboarding than most adults.

You can thank Reddit for this adorable contribution to your day. Here’s Aspen “tearing it up” at Breckenridge Ski Resort. She’d probably be better if she didn’t bend over to swat at the snow every few seconds, but she’s got an incredible natural sense of balance and you should all be jealous:

Not sure why The Marshall Tucker Band is in there. Maybe it’s a subliminal message? Can’t we see what that woman (Aspen’s mom?) been doing to her (locking her into a snowboard and sending her sliding downhill)?