This Little Girl Made The Most Adorable Yet Confusing Sign To Cheer On Boston Marathon Runners

As you’re probably aware, the 120th Boston Marathon takes place today, April 18, and up to a million spectators were expected along the race’s 26.2 mile course. One such spectator was the little girl in this photo, posted to Twitter by her dad — a fellow marathon runner who took the day to cheer on others. Fortunately, what her sign lacks in, uh, comprehensibility, it makes up for in heart. And we’re sure that at least a few runners got a boost of motivation from it, which was probably helpful as the family had set up camp at Heartbreak Hill, one of the most notoriously tough marathon hills.

Not to be outdone, the little girl’s brother also made a sign to cheer on runners, only his message was a bit more clear: GO GO GO GO GO GO!


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