A Collection Of Badass Little Kids Throwing Leather Like Professional Fighters

They don’t call it the “sweet science” for nothing. Boxing requires speed, athleticism, accuracy, endurance, and sharp mental acumen. But, after watching the above clip — where a child phenomenon rocks the mitts — you might be thinking to yourself that you want to get in the ring. After all, this is just a kid that’s demolishing his young training partner’s sparring mitts. I have to be better than this young fella, right?

Wrong. This kid is superhuman and you’ve been eating Baked Lays all day.

This child is not alone in his quest to be the champ. (Also, we should give a quick shoutout to the kid’s parents for exploring their child’s energy reserves with a healthy activity.) There’s a veritable host of children with superpowers out there. Like this young girl who’s just a serious beast.

There’a also this little monster who would put a tremendous beat down on me, and I trained MMA for six years. This kid’s speed is scary.

And then there’s young Adam here who would definitely apply leather to my face should we ever meet in the ring. His technique is captivating.

You may remember Pretty Boy Bam Bam from his days as a YouTube legend six years ago. Well, that kid is all grown-up now, and he’s hitting mitts blindfolded.

So, folks, the moral of this story is don’t take the kid at the lemonade stand for granted. Respect his skills, and leave a tip.