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A seven-year-old Little Leaguer in Massachusetts is riding a two-game suspension because his selfish mom skipped out on her shift working at the league's concession stand.  The negligent, uncaring mom couldn't take a break from supporting her family financially and decided to work instead.

Dave Brouillette, head of the Freetown Youth Athletic Association, told MyFOXBoston that the concession revenues are necessary to fund the league's programs and that he has to enforce the rules, which require parents show up for their assigned concession stand shifts or risk suspensions for their children.

Brouillette told the station that he wasn't able to see his own son play because he had to cover the concession stand shift for Hooper.

What's the big fucking deal?  Who wants to see a GD Little League game nyway?  Seven-year-olds suck at baseball.  "Oh, boo hoo, I didn't get to see my son play."  Yeah, what did he do, pal?  Did he hit it out of the infield?  Score from first after a series of errors on a routine ground ball?  Quel dommage!  Oh, how will you ever get such precious memories back?

[Video report here; Deadspin/SbB]

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