04.09.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

The Little League organization in western New York is most likely having some financial troubles, considering its treasurer used the company card to go on vacation and buy kiddie porn. 

Authorities in Genesee County said Richard Dunlap, 40, of Oakfield also used the Oakfield-Alabama Little League Association's debit card to access adult dating services and to take his family on a vacation to Disney World two years ago.

According to court papers, Dunlap emptied the organization's $30,000 bank account. Federal authorities said he purchased the child pornography on his home computer.

So what does a family vacation to Disney World cost?  Maybe $5000?  That leaves approximately $25,000 left over for kiddie porn.  Jesus.  I don't know how expensive that stuff is, but I've got to think $25K buys pretty much ALL of it.  His home computer's gotta be the Louvre of kiddie porn.

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