Liverpool Goalie Alisson Scored A Final Minute Goal To Keep Hopes Of A Top 4 Finish Alive

Liverpool entered Sunday’s action fifth in the Premier League, one point back of Chelsea for the all-important fourth position which earns you a trip to the Champions League rather than the Europa League. Facing a relegation side in West Brom, Liverpool was expected to win but found itself locked in a 1-1 tie going into extra time, with Champions League dreams fading as a result.

However, in the fourth and final minute of stoppage time, Liverpool had a corner kick for a last gasp chance for a win and brought everyone into the box, including their goalkeeper, Alisson Becker. What came next was something incredible (and rare) as a beautiful header from their goalie won them the game and gave them a real shot at a top-4 finish in the league.

It is as good of a header as you could hope for from a world-class striker, much less a goalie, as Alisson drives the ball into the far corner of the net, out of reach of his goalie counterpart for the game-winning strike. The Spanish call from Andres Cantor really elevates this moment with the energy it deserves.

The win is crucial for Liverpool as they move into a tie with Leicester City for third, two points clear of Chelsea who have to play Leicester on Tuesday. A Chelsea loss would put Liverpool in the drivers seat going into the final match day of the season, up two points on the Blues. A draw would put Liverpool in fourth, a point up on Chelsea and a point behind Leicester, making for a very dramatic final match day next Sunday, while a Chelsea win would likewise make for some juicy drama as the Blues would move a game ahead of Liverpool and Leicester, who would be tied.

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