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Texas running back James Henry has been arrested and jailed for his alleged connection to a July home invasion in which two other Longhorn football players, Andre Jones and Robert Joseph, have also been charged.  The arrest is the Longhorns' sixth since June.

Austin police learned of Henry's involvement by listening to taped recordings of Joseph's phone calls from jail, said Det. Anthony Bigongiari. During the investigation of the robbery, one of the victims told police that some of Joseph's friends had assaulted them. In one of the taped phone calls, Henry said he "went over there and whupped" one of the victims, throwing them on the ground and punching and kicking them in the head several times, Bigongiari said.

… Under team policy, a felony charge means an automatic suspension.

Yeah, you've gotta have a team policy for when players get felony charges.  Otherwise how will players know you're serious about discipline?

(Thanks to commenter TEXAS, with whom you should not mess.) 

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