Look For Chris Johnson’s ‘True Life: I Want To Deal Drugs’ This Fall on MTV

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson got a visit from the Orlando Police Department on Tuesday. The reasons for that visit are conflicting; the police say they saw an unusual amount of television cameras at his house, so they investigated to make sure nobody was dealing drugs. Johnson says it was because he’s young, black and famous. No word on whether or not Johnson had money hanging out the anus.

The report, from his Twitter:

Y did the police just walk in my condo saying they think it’s drug activity because it’s alot of traffic but it was the MTV camera crew. … Hard being young, black, and rich

He then hashtagged the word “f**k,” assumedly to add additional context and metadata to his tweets. Personally, I’m siding with the Orlando Police Department. They did the right thing, because as we know, drug dealers are always being followed around by a camera crew. How else are they going to film all the drugs being dealt?

Of course, reports say Johnson was cooperative and that absolutely nothing illegal was happening, so on a day when reports get out about Hines Ward getting pulled over and handcuffed at gunpoint get out, you’ve got to start thinking they’ve got a point. Also, the last 200 years of American history.