Look Upon The Worst Lay-Up In Basketball History Ye Mighty And Despair

Holy Mary mother of God.

When a player messes up a shot, I like to use the old “that looks like me playing out there”, as I am objectively the worst basketball player in human history. The issue I’m facing with this clip of Washington’s Nick Young is that it ACTUALLY looks like me playing, awkwardly catching a pass, running up to the goal, getting all nervous because I’ve never been in a position like this before, jumping about three inches off the ground and “laying” the ball up in a huge arc that clears the backboard and ends up rolling down the hill. And then I’ve gotta be all, “heh, whoops, my hand hurts” or something and do the walk of shame down the hill.

Here’s the lay-way-up in magical gif form, courtesy of Buzzfeed’s Mike Hayes.

We’re through the looking glass, people.