Louisville’s Kicker Got Completely Destroyed When He Tried To Tackle LSU’s Derrius Guice

Leonard Fournette may have been the best running back in college football, but did you know that he didn’t lead LSU in rushing during the 2016 season? Instead, that honor went to Derrius Guice, a sophomore freak of nature who filled in admirably while Fournette missed time this year.

Fournette, of course, did not play in the Tigers’ bowl game, as he instead decided to focus on the upcoming NFL Draft. This meant that we got to watch what Guice could do against Louisville. The answer: he can ruin the life of this poor kicker.

Guice was back to return a kick for the Tigers. He broke free, and Louisville kicker Blanton Creque had an opportunity to slow Guice down. Creque tried his best, and it did lead to Guice going out of bounds, but not before LSU’s freight train of a return man/running back lowered his shoulder and sent Creque flying backwards. There was nothing Creque could do outside of let gravity do the rest, as the poor guy just laid on the ground for a few after this one.

The good news, if there is any for Creque, is that he did what he set out to do and stopped Guice from scoring a touchdown. The bad news, of course, is that every inch of his torso is going to hurt tomorrow.