Louisville Sportscaster Adam Lefkoe Is Back With 43 ‘Christmas Vacation’ References In A Single Sportscast

Clearly inspired by Christmas Vacation fun facts, UPROXX hero/Louisville sportscaster Adam Lefkoe’s latest broadcasting meets line-dropping feat incorporates everyone’s favorite holiday classic that saves the neck for you.

As Adam previewed on his YouTube channel:

Using Twitter and Facebook to crowd-source moments from the film, I squeezed in 43 mentions in just a few minutes. (Make sure to read the graphics!) Enjoy.

The UK basketball graphic seriously is magic. And did I mention he closes things out with props? PROPS. Also: critters full, Andy Dalton found out they were high in cholesterol, Russell Athletic Bowl invites = waking up in the morning with your head sown to the carpet… Seriously though, get to clicking play before I just transcribe the whole thing.

Adam Lefkoe via The Clearly Dope