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I feel like I should qualify this to some degree; we’ve done posts on certain LPGA players that seem to be begging for a certain, magazine photo-shoot type of attention. Morgan Pressel, who turned 21 last month, is clearly not that kind of girl. While Natalie Gulbis or Anna Benson could be imagined washing their car in the driveway wearing only bikinis, Pressel might be more likely to help you with algebra homework.

And that’s what makes this so bizarre: After Pressel quoted the above line from the Will Ferrell movie “Step Brothers,” she was pelted with inquiries from people that thought she was actually getting breast implants. She eventually explained to her 3,800+ followers that, no, her two breast friends were not relocating anytime soon. The irony is that she does a lot of work for breast cancer through her charity, Morgan and Friends.

It’s an interesting little bump in the road in terms ofthe LPGA’s courtship with internet media. Unlike most LPGA stars, who use their twitter feeds as a PR extension, Pressel does her own tweets (and we hope she continues to do so), ranting on everything from her faulty GPS (“Why does garmin come up with all these places that don’t actually exist??? How is it so hard to find a nail salon??”) to cheering for the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup. It’s one of those gaffes that gives Morgan and her league a dose of humanity, something the LPGA should take note of if they hope to capture more of the sporting world’s attention.

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