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Anna Rawson and Blair O’Neal (pictured) headline a group of “elite lady golf professionals from around the globe” from PlayGolfDesigns, a website that lets you play a round of golf with a female pro of your choice. And naturally, the feminists are all up in arms about it. Probably large, flabby arms, too. Feminism would gain so much more traction in this country if some of these gals did a few push-ups now and then. From Time magazine’s website:

“Whenever anyone, including the athletes themselves, chooses to portray female athletes in other than sport-appropriate attire on the golf course, like these two golfers on the fairway, they’re selling a sexual stereotype, not a skilled professional golfer,” says Donna Lopiano, former CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation and the current president of Sports Management Resources. “It offends me as a woman and fan of women’s professional golf. Even the course superintendent wouldn’t allow them on the course — unless it was to aerate the fairways with their spiked heels.”

From the PGD website:

Our premier signature service is High Roller Golf. This exclusive world-class golf experience is limited only by your imagination.

Bow-chicka-wow-wow…Among your choices of fairway femmes are blondes, brunettes, Asians, even sisters, and the cost of their services varies from $2,500 to 25 large. I guess I’ll have to find my shemale, mature, hentai, amputee, midget, comatose, pregnant, robot, dogs-in-the-bath, Latina and redheaded golfers elsewhere. This is a good start, at least. Women will always objectify women better than men ever could. Except for the ugly ones. They’ll just have to get by on their own merits. Suckers.

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