12.27.07 10 years ago 43 Comments

A judge in Louisiana has postponed a trial because it conflicts with the BCS National Championship Game between LSU and Ohio State. Well, the trial doesn't conflict with the championship itself, but it gets in the way of the defense attorney getting shitfaced before the game.

Stephen Babcock, an attorney defending Imperial Casualty Insurance Co. in a lawsuit over a car crash, requested the delay because he has tickets to the Jan. 7 game at the Superdome in New Orleans. He and other LSU fans have rented out the second floor of a Bourbon Street bar for a pre-game tailgate party.

In his written request for a new trial date, Babcock refers to Ohio State as "Slowhio" ("due to their perceived lack of speed on both sides of the ball") and notes that Allstate sponsors of the Sugar Bowl, are not a party in the insurance case.

I have some friends who took the bar exam in California and New York, and apparently it's a crazy-hard two-day, 16-hour test in those states because so many smart people want to be lawyers there.  I imagine it's a little less difficult to pass the bar in Louisiana.  Like, the test is administered during halftime of an LSU game, and it includes the question Do you want to be a lawyer? YES/NO.  And the hardest part is tuning out the guy in overalls chasing live chickens around the room.

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