An LSU Lineman Responded To A Wisconsin Interception With An Unforgivable Cheap Shot

LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte may be in some trouble thanks to this inexplicable cheap shot. The Tigers were upset by Wisconsin on Saturday, 16-14. This was a huge upset, as the Badgers were kind of expected to take a step back in 2016 while LSU, many believed, was one of the teams in the best position to make it to the College Football Playoff. But Wisconsin really hurt LSU’s chances of making the Playoff – there’s still a ton of time left this season, but LSU basically has to win out if it wants to compete for a national title – and somewhat understandably, emotions were high among the Tigers. However, Boutte’s actions were not understandable at all.

The game ended after LSU’s quarterback threw an interception on the team’s final possession, and after the Badgers’ D’Cota Dixon picked the ball off, Boutte sprinted towards him and leveled him after the play was dead. Like so many cheap shots, this one looks even worse in slow motion from a different angle.

It was one of the most egregious cheap shots that you’ll ever see, and no one will be surprised if it leads to a suspension. No matter how upset Boutte was, this is not ok under any circumstance.