LSU Just Had One Of The Most Ridiculously Impressive Punt Returns You’ll Ever See

The most impressive return touchdowns mix some combination of speed, power, agility, and one or two moves that don’t make any sense. This touchdown return by LSU’s Tre’Davious White manages to hit on all of those things and then some.

White fielded a punt from Jacksonville State that he caught at LSU’s 40-yard line. He tried running forward but was stonewalled by a few defenders. Somehow, White managed to escape even though he was completely smothered, but the issue was he ran all the way back to the Tigers’ 19 or so.

But White completely turned on the jets and took off. He blew past most of JSU’s punt team, which was all out of sorts because in no way, shape, or form should White have been in this position. Outside of one moment where he had to juke to make a defender miss, White was able to waltz into the end zone with minimal resistance once he found some space. Officially, White is credited with a 60-yard touchdown, but when you consider how far back he went and that he weaved from one side of the field to the other, he easily ran more than 100 yards on this return.

You’ll see a lot of punt returns for touchdowns during the college football season, but it’s hard to imagine that any will be better than this one.