Lucian Bute Does Not Care For Your Taunting

04.20.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Another video after the jump for you this afternoon, one that’s filled with all of the human drama that one could want. It’s a classic “Man fights man/man taunts other man/other man polishes off man’s face with an uppercut for the ages” tale, just like your mom used to read to you at night before your stepdad roughed her up for sex. Who says women didn’t work in those days. Anyway, this was a Super Six fight (whatever that is) between Lucian Bute (white guy…duh…Lucian? C’mon, man) and Edison Miranda.

About midway through the round, a left uppercut identical to the one that had felled Librado Andrade for the count almost did the same to Miranda, who masked his distress by pounding his own abs. A moment later, another shot hurt him. This time Miranda posed, then charged with his head down, making Bute’s perfectly timed uppercut all the more potent. Edison thudded face first to the canvas. Although his conditioning allowed him to beat the count, he was finished; referee Ernie Sharif didn’t think twice about stopping it.

–The Sweet Science.

People always want to rank boxing over MMA or vice versa for some reason; it’s an argument that doesn’t really interest me, because all I want is a good killshot. If I have to wait 20, even 30 minutes for it, that’s fine. Because all I want is to watch the sweat get popped off some guy’s head while his unconscious body falls to the canvas. Is that asking for so much? Thanks to Jack for the heads-up.

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