Lugz MMA Tattoo Trivia Challenge: Answers and Winners

A week has passed, and it’s time to reveal the winner of and answers to the Lugz sponsored With Leather MMA Tattoo Trivia Challenge. This week’s winner is Michael Hickey, who was the first to send in a perfect 25. It turns out most of you have no idea who Eben “Big O” Oroz is, despite him looking like MMA’s closest living relative to Team Rocket. Not surprisingly, everybody got Brock Lesnar, even though I didn’t include his hyper-masculine chest penis.
If you sent in a guess (or are just curious as to who in the world would get these tattoos on their bodies), click through the slideshow and take a look at who we chose to represent the cool, weird and sometimes terrifying world of athlete tattoos. If you won this contest (or the previous contests), your prize is getting shipped out today.
This is the part where I walk by holding a sign that reads “Please Buy Lugz© Brand Boots.” Enjoy the answers.

Thanks for playing, everybody.