Top UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold Asked A Terribly Inappropriate Question To A Contestant On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

I’ve never seen The Millionaire Matchmaker, but when I heard that one of the top pound-for-pound handsomest UFC fighters, Luke Rockhold, was going to be on, I figured I should check it out and see how he did. Luke, a former StrikeForce middleweight champion, was amazingly sleazy during his stint, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Here are the highlights:

Luke says that in the UFC, he’s had to put aside his romantic aspirations and remain focused to become the best in the world. He sees his friends settling down and having kids, and he wants that.

Luke fears no man, but he is fearful when it comes to the love world.

Host of the show, Patti Stanger, says “Professional athletes are tough. Women throw themselves to them all the time. They take their panties off, write their telephone number on them, slip them under the door.”

Luke says his last serious relationship was about nine years ago. Patti asks if Luke has just been training and jacking off. Luke like to “sample everything” and enjoy himself when he’s traveling, on the road for fights.

Patti thinks Luke is a player (FORESHADOWING), and warns him that if he lies to her, she’ll remove his balls and dissect them. Luke admits “I don’t fear no man on this planet, but Patti Stanger is a force to be reckoned with”

Patti warns Luke to not tap out of love.

Patti sets up a mixer with a yoga instructor, a mortgage loan officer, and a stylist. Unfortunately, Luke seems to hit it off with Kara, Patti’s mixologist instead.

Luke takes Kara on a date, they mess around on a jetski, then hang out on Luke’s yacht. The date looks to be going very well, and Luke tells the camera crew it’s time for them to bounce.

Patti gets Kara on the phone, and she admits that the date was going well at first, but then Luke started getting really inappropriate, asking her if she spits or swallows.

Patti brings Luke in, and he uses his microphone falling down to give a back rub to one of Patti’s assistants. Patti flips out, calling Luke a dog and says she’ll knock him out because she’s a world champion in love.

Luke Rockhold is uh, something else. He’ll be taking on fellow handsome man fighter, Lyoto Machida, at UFC on Fox 15. The winner will be in line for a shot at the Prettyweight title.