Mack Brown Left In The Middle Of A Game He Was Calling For ESPN To Catch A Flight

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Listen, sometimes you need to split a little bit early from what you’re doing to go catch a flight. It happens. Flight schedules are pretty rigid, so if you need to leave what you’re doing to make sure you can get on your plane before it takes off, no one will really blame you unless you’re in the middle of surgery or something.

Mack Brown had to do this on Friday night. He was part of the crew ESPN2 sent to Utah for BYU’s game against Toledo, one which was completely insane. The Cougars ended up winning, but the final score was 55-53, so as you can guess, the game took forever.

This put Brown in something of a pickle. He could hang out and call the rest of this completely bonkers football game, or he could split a little early so he could make his flight to Connecticut, where he is going to be posted up all Saturday.

Brown decided to take option B, and he rolled out during the fourth quarter of the game. This left ESPN2 with a play-by-play guy (Adam Amin) and a sideline reporter (Molly McGrath), and they managed to take care of business over the final 10+ minutes of gametime. We really can’t blame Brown. The game kicked off at 10:15 p.m. EST and he split around 1:30 a.m. EST. Considering he’ll be on ESPN all day on Saturday, he really did need to roll out, even if it made for a pretty bizarre situation.

If you’re reading this and you’re gonna be on set with Mack on Saturday, make sure you have a fresh pot of coffee at all times, because he’ll probably need it.

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