Macy’s Sells Clothes, Not Facts

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.13.11 5 Comments

… at least Truman had a strong 4th quarter.

Macy’s committed their biggest failure since charging me 85 dollars for a polo shirt by taking out a full-page ad in the Miami Heraldadvertising all of the cool NBA Champion Miami Heat merchandise you can buy at a Macy’s. Unfortunately for them, the Heat didn’t win. They also didn’t have the possibility of winning on Sunday night. Looks like somebody took that Flo Rida song too seriously. Ain’t need to play no mo game!

You can get a full look at the ad below. I want to know if Macy’s is actually selling any of this, because part of me wants to wear them exclusively for the rest of the year. Also, I want my pectoral muscle to look like a stranger’s jewelry.

[h/t Sportress]

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