05.15.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

Shutdown Corner has a few minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming Madden '09 that is set, of course, to one of the tracks from "The Power and the Glory". Seriously, the game has a large soundtrack. Spare us the heavy orchestration.

Anyway, the game looks like the tits and I'll be one of the unclean mongoloids robbing the geeks who wait in line outside the store for six hours before it comes out in August. Seriously, I hope they improve on quarterback release times. My 20-22 record on XBox Live is wreaking havoc on my self-esteem. 

The video ends with Randy Moss taking a wideout screen and, somehow with the speed of six gazelles on an ATV, blows down the field for a TD. We may have a new Video Bo on our hands. This gives the video the chance to show off the new celebration area in the endzone, where Moss breaks out Soulja Boy's something or other. We appreciate your commitment to an immersive experience, EA Sports, but Moss is contractually obligated to do retarded chicken wing celebration. Quit trying to be hip and get it right. Video games must be incredibly lifelike! The slightest alteration destroys my experience! 

/hyperventilates into paper bag 

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