The Best Players At Every Position That Will Lead Your ‘Madden 17’ Franchise To Total Domination

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09.06.16 3 Comments

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There are few things worse than being years deep in your Madden franchise as a perennial 6-10 team with your core players just another year older. Winning is everything, no one wants to be the Cleveland Browns of their own digital NFL fantasy. That’s just some weird, masochistic stuff right there. Sicko.

So, who should a new GM draft in Madden 17‘s deep-as-ever Franchise Mode? We’ve crunched the numbers and simulated at least 10 years into the future just under a dozen times. While there were outliers, there are specific players that consistently were sticking around and playing at elite levels in the year 2021 and 2026, respectively. We want to share them with you.

Now, as we know, player success on the field leads to XP (experience points), which leads to better progression, so you don’t want to lose too early if you can help it (we assume you’re not being cheesy by playing on Pro difficulty and going 16-0 every year).

We also know that there are many ways to draft the fantasy Franchise of your dreams (or fantasies). What if you have a top pick or a mid-round pick or, god forbid, a late pick? Through these many simulations, I’ve distilled the mountain of information Madden has given me down to these methods of drafting:

  • The “Good O-Line, Crappy QB” method.
  • The “Take Whoever Is The Best Available” method.
  • The “Go Young Or Go Home” method.

Each one of these methods will provide a contender within five years, but the Good O-Line, Crappy QB method proved to be the best. Past round 8-10, the formula is pretty much: Overall + Age + System Fit = Draft ’em. Build for a system once you’re out of the first 8 rounds or more. Before that, build the best starting lineups you can.

These guys are going to do you well for many years to come. A lot of these are going to be “duh” picks, but many of the players you’d think would be worth drafting (Rob Gronkowski, for example, is hurt too often) are bigger problems than they’re worth.

Let’s take a closer look at how to draft each position.

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