This ‘Madden 18′ Glitch Makes The Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Line Unstoppable

09.04.17 8 months ago

EA Sports

It’s been nearly two weeks since Madden 18 was released, which means that all the bugs and glitches that make gamers throw controller through walls and televisions will be hitting places like Twitter and Instagram in a hurry. There may be nothing better than hearing and seeing some of the reactions to said glitches, because those are often more hilarious than actual glitch itself.

In our most recent and incredible game glitch, we see digital Dak Prescott fumble the ball. After a scrum, La’el Collins not only picks the ball up, but he runs through four or five tackles then rumbles nearly 90 yards, basically doing wind sprints past the digital Steelers secondary.

The best part of the video might be just how stunned both of the dudes who are watching this video are as Collins does his best Bo Jackson impression all the way up the sidelines.

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