E3 2017: ‘Madden ’18: Longshot’ Is A Story Mode That Takes You From High School To The Pros

So this is it — a whole new way to play Madden. EA has officially gone the way of Fight Night: Champion and will put gamers into the cleats of a college prospect who struggles against all odds (and daddy issues probably judging from the video) as they make their way to the NFL.

This is a story mode unlike any before in Madden, and it looks like it’s going to cover a long period of time. Maybe even starting on the pee wee field.

Not only is this a far more narrative “Be The Player” mode, but EA is bringing back college teams for the first time in years since the NCAA franchise went under. Details are scarce, but it looks like we may even go all the way back to high school, then get recruited by a college, then head to the NFL Combine.

So will gamers be on rails in this story mode? Will the protagonist always get in trouble before some high school game, or will we be able to take our destiny into our own hands?

Most gamers want to create their own story. And judging anecdotally by the reaction to the intros of many recent Madden games, will this just be skipped?