Fan Reactions To The ‘Madden 18’ ‘Longshot’ Story Mode Are Seriously Mixed

At E3 2017, EA finally debuted their long-rumored “story mode” for Madden 18 entitled “Longshot.” Basically, it looks like Friday Night Lights mixed with the FIFA and Fight Night: Champion story modes. In Longshot, you will be placed in the cleats of high school quarterback Devin Wade, then take him (hopefully) all the way to the pros in a story that will contain drama, but don’t worry — you will overcome. And, according to EA’s press release, “One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Dan Marino, will be Devin’s mentor who doesn’t always play by the rules.” Hmmm.

Since Longshot is being billed as more of an interactive movie than a typical game mode, some fans aren’t too pleased. Did all the time and effort from EA in developing this mode take away from the on the field greatness? And what’s the fun in playing something scripted? Will it be cliché? Every sports movie is cliché, so what can Longshot do that we haven’t seen in Rudy, Remember the Titans, or any other classic football movies, like Waterboy?

Twitter was divided.

Some fans are all for the new story, and are looking forward to the sports drama that will play out through their controller.

Meanwhile, others are already hating on the mode. But if they’re not going to play it, then what does it matter?

And of course, the ol’ 2K vs Madden dig has to come out of the woodwork. That’s the only way to end this article.