EA Sports Teases All The New Gameplay And Features From ‘Madden 18’

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We’re just over a month away from the release of Madden 18 and EA Sports is giving us a few more details about what’s hidden inside the football game’s latest edition. EA Sports tweeted out a video loaded with game engine footage of the flagship football title that’s dominated the sports video game industry for decades.

The game looks pretty impressive in action and features a few new tweaks we hadn’t seen before.

The slick video shows lots of highlights with your favorite NFL players, but also how the graphics interface and quick-options will look on screen as you learn how to play the latest Madden edition with your friends.


New features include added tweaks to just about everything in a football game. A new target passing system and bullet passes and touch passes help you take more control over your quarterback. After the ball leaves virtual Tom Brady’s hands, however, there’s also a new defensive back/wide receiver mode that allows you to decide how aggressive or passive your player is about getting a ball while it’s in the air.

The customization in Madden 18 appears to be off the charts. The game also features more coaching adjustments and three new modes to play in: arcade, simulation and competitive mode. With a new blocking system and some new game modes to tackle, it seems like there will be plenty to learn when the title finally drops next month.