The Rage From This Pro ‘Madden’ Player Could Melt A Thousand Suns

The Madden Classic is underway this weekend, with the winner netting nearly $100,000 and an official entry into next year’s Ultimate League. Needless to say, the stakes are high. This is the first big tournament of the year and pro Madden players need to show what they’re made of in Madden 18. For their part, EA Sports is able to conduct the tournaments with their new competitive mode, which will remove some of the randomness from the game and produce a purer competition.

Unfortunately for everyone involved in the prestigious competition, Madden pro “Kaus” threw a pass to his receiver’s feet (in a Seattle vs. Seattle game), then proceeded to melt down. What initially sounds like “Yo, dish dame so slosh bar fad, row,” is eventually translated, after many viewings, into “Yo, this game is so gosh darn bad, bro.” Then he cries out into the universe like a banshee yearning for love lost.

His opponent, “Tweeez,” focused on the game. Stoically.
Eventually, Kaus apologized on Twitter while mentioning that him reiterating that the game was not bad wasn’t at EA’s behest.

Possibly the biggest takeaway from the moment, despite Kaus’s crisis, is that under massive pressure, he didn’t drop a racial or gay slur. So…what’ PewDiePie’s excuse?

Anyway, here’s the first leg of the Madden Classic on Twitch. It’s damn entertaining.

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