Who Made The Better Catch, Pirates Catcher Tony Sanchez Or This Random Old Lady

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09.20.13 3 Comments

Cleveland Indians old lady catch

Earlier this week we asked you, the With Leather readership, to determine who’d MASSIVELY SUPLEXED it better: sumo monster Byamba or New York Jets CB Ellis Lankster. Over 64% of you chose Byamba ragdolling a 400 pound dude named “MAN OF FAT STEEL” over Lankster’s german-into-an-ura-nage, so I thought I’d get your opinion on this.

Who had yesterday’s best MLB Wild Card-related catch? Was it Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Dirty “Tony” Sanchez going over the rail and toppling into the dugout, or was it … uh, this lady? She’s from Cleveland. More on her in a sec.

Here’s the Sanchez catch.

That’s an amazing catch, right? A Catch of the Year candidate for sure. An easy win for Sanchez.


Yes folks, a mild-mannered woman who may or may not be Martha Plimpton attended the Astros/Windians game at Progressive Field and went home with no only a souvenir, but never-ending temporary praise from the Internet.

So, you make the call. Who had the better catch? Let us know who you picked in the comments section below.

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