12.09.09 8 years ago 2 Comments


The peeps over at Fightlinker are putting on a little contest: design the worst possible mixed martial arts T-shirt possible. And really, if you’re terrible at art–as most MMA shirt designers seem to be–you’d seem to have a natural advantage for this sort of thing.

Here’s how it works: those with Photoshop or even just MS Paint skillz create the ugliest MMA shirt possible. You know the standard terrible conventions: skulls, eagles, bullets, eagle skulls that shoot bullets, wings, top hats, boobs, babes, blood and boners. That kind of thing.

The deets are over there, but the deadline seems to be December 15th. Are you going to submit a design? YES! YES! YES! YES! I don’t know when the hell people started saying “deets” instead of “details.” Yeah, I get it, we’re a busy society, but it’s just one freaking syllable. Come on, peeps.

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