A Prominent ‘Making A Murderer’ Personality Is Employed By The Green Bay Packers

WARNING: This contains some spoilers about the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer.” If you haven’t watched past the first episode, don’t read on.

The Netflix crime documentary series Making a Murderer is a show that chronicles a man in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, named Steven Avery who faced charges for the murder of a young woman by the name of Teresa Halbach, who was just 25 when she was killed.

I’m obviously not going to get into the details of how or who the jury ended up deciding who exactly killed Teresa, but there is a prominent member of the series — Teresa’s brother Mike — who is, weirdly enough, an employee of the Green Bay Packers.

As first pointed out by Chris Littmann of Sporting News on Sunday night during the Packers-Vikings game, Halbach is going into his 12th year with the organization, this one as the team’s director of football technology. He was first hired in as a video intern in 2004 — one year prior to his sister’s death. He is listed on the Packers’ official website as having been employed as a video intern from 2005 to 2014. Avery’s trial went on during 2005.

This is interesting as Teresa’s brother is shown and interviewed quite a bit throughout the 10-episode series. Halbach, according to the Green Bay front office website, “oversees the development and administration of football information systems and guides technical decisions that impact football operations.” He also was “instrumental” in the Packers’ transition from paper to digital playbooks.

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