Man Arrested For Filming Volleyball Slumber Party, Was Not Wearing With Leather Shirt

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01.13.12 6 Comments

Obligatory With Leather women's volleyball image.

What started as a simple case of a pervert trying to get his freak on has turned into a life-ruining experience for one Seattle husband. Steven Meeks is facing one count of voyeurism after a girl on a high school volleyball team discovered a camera in the bathroom that her and her teammates were using during the night of a slumber party last November.

Even worse for Meeks is that his wife is the volleyball team’s coach, so I imagine she will be hiring a lawyer to bump, set and spike half of his assets in the near future. That is, unless she falls for his incredibly solid excuse.

Meeks told police that he placed the camera in the bathroom for his sexual gratification, according to probable cause documents. He said that his intentions were to spy on a female co-worker who he knew would be using the restroom on Monday, but he said he was aware of the slumber party and that the girls would be using the bathrooms.


Man, this dude has got to be the biggest dipsh*t in the history of perverts. I can just picture the interrogation now:

Cop: “Let me get this straight, you scumbag – you not only set up the camera to spy on a female co-worker…”

Meeks: “Oh yeah.”

Cop: “But you also knew that a high school volleyball team would be using this bathroom, too?”

Meeks: “Oh, definitely. No doubt. So what now, do we high five?”

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