Man Gets Hammered During Pats Game

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11.16.10 5 Comments

While not nearly as gruesome as, say, a family killing the patriarch over his love for World Cup soccer, a woman was arrested after she assaulted her boyfriend with a hammer because he was watching the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. I’ll give you one guess where it happened… that’s right, Florida! And as our resident Floridian, I am proud that my state is finally taking the lead in domestic violence cases involving Patriots games. Suck it, Massachusetts.

Byrdie Davis hit her boyfriend of 16 years, Andrew Rosa, in the face with a hammer because she was pissed that he was watching the game. Rosa escaped serious injury with only a cut under his eye, as he managed to leave their home and call the police. While I’m no relationship expert, I’m betting that Davis was upset because of Ben Roethlisberger’s garbage points. They killed me, too, sister.

Describe this grizzly scene of love fallen victim to pass interference, Smoking Gun

According to a sheriff’s report excerpted here, Rosa was “laying in the living room watching football” when Davis came in and “began to yell at him about watching football.” She then allegedly retrieved a hammer from the kitchen and, in succession, attacked a television set and her boyfriend.

Rosa then left the couple’s home and called cops. Davis, pictured in the above mug shot, was later arrested and booked into the county jail, where she is currently being held.

If this couple is anything like my girlfriend and me, and I assume they are, she was probably upset that he got water on the Pottery Barn catalog by leaving it on the bathroom floor instead of putting it back in the Ikea magazine caddy. Either that or she was annoyed that he used the guest room’s universal remote batteries to recharge his wireless mouse again. Whatever, don’t come crying to me the next time you get stuck while trying to make a payment on your J. Crew card and you have to find the optical USB mouse and plug it into the wireless USB port!

Haha yeah, I feel your pain, Andrew Rosa.

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