Man Getting Hit By Football

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07.12.11 6 Comments

Or as we would call it in the United States, “Man Getting Hit By Soccer”.

Witness the “not a moral Kick” that departed Chilean player Jorge Valdivia’s foot and reached its final destination somewhere between the balls of Uruguay’s Alvaro Gonzalez during Friday’s 1-1 draw. I’m not sure what was immoral about it, because it looked like an accident, or like Gonzalez stepped right into it to take the world’s most believable flop. Actually, it looks like something that would show up in Paul Blart: Soccer Player, so maybe he was aiming directly for the laughs.

Regardless, this man took a soccer ball to the junk, and that’s exactly the kind of thing the Internet exists for. I sure hope he was wearing a World Cup [editor’s note: Brandon has been fired for making this joke]!

Compare and contrast with the original, as seen here:

Barney’s movie had heart, but Uruguay vs. Chile had a football in the groin.

[h/t Dirty Tackle]

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