‘Man vs. Cheetah’ Pits Devin Hester & Chris Johnson Against A F**king Cheetah

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Are you one of the millions of people who watched ‘Orange Is The New Black’ on Netflix and made it a bigger hit than ‘Arrested Development?’ Did you watch it based on good word of mouth, or because you saw the keywords “Laura Prepon nude lesbian shower scene?” Hey, if you watched the first minute of the show, Netflix still counts that as “watching the show.”

Anyway, would you watch a show called MAN VS. CHEETAH because of recommendation algorithms, or because it is a show about men racing a goddamn cheetah? This is important information.

Speedy NFL stars Chris Johnson and Devin Hester — and one big game cat — are going to run like their species depends on it to kick-off Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week.

The aforementioned experiment of speed and agility will be the subject of the Big Cat Week kickoff special, “Man vs. Cheetah,” which airs this November on Nat Geo Wild. This is the network’s fourth annual Big Cat Week, its highest-rated week. (via The Wrap)

Now I suddenly want every show on Netflix to be like, “oh hey Rory McIlroy, you good at golf? Great, try to golf while this rhino attacks you.” “Everybody knows that Chris Bosh is better at basketball than a swarm of bees. What this show presupposes is … maybe he’s not?”

Also important:

Betty White will also be joining the team in a different special, the network told TheWrap exclusively.


I think I speak for everybody in the worlds of sports, television and animal aptitude deathmatches when I say I am going to watch the shit out of ‘Man vs. Cheetah.’ If it’s a hit, I think the next season should be an ‘American Ninja Warrior’-style thing where athletes have to complete an obstacle course while a cheetah chases them. If that proves too complex, Pacman Jones uses a spear to fight a bunch of cheetahs.

I love you already, Man vs. Cheetah.

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