04.11.07 11 years ago 7 Comments

This video comes from We Are The Postmen, and to the dismay of many of you it's a bunch of highlights from yesterday's Man U-AS Roma clash.  However, for the futbol detractors who hate scoreless ties, savor this one: the final score was 7-1.

There's not a whole lot I can say here.  I didn't watch this game, and I only know enough about these two teams to say that if the New York Yankees played a team of Nazi war criminals, I'd ignore my MLB loyalties and cheer for the Yankees to kick some ass.  So… congratulations, Man U (I guess).

For more respectable analysis of this game, you're better off reading David Hirshey's Deadspin post, Soccernista's fair-yet-ashamed ode to Cristiano Ronaldo, and More Credible's trashing of Fracesco Totti.

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