12.04.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

Mark Mangino is out at Kansas. The big fella resigned amidst allegations of player “abuse,” which is a bit of a joke to me. First we have guys sitting out of games with concussions, and now this? The worst thing that Mangino did was making a kid crawl on hot AstroTurf after missing a weigh-in. The moral of the story? Don’t coach teams where players miss weigh-ins.

Oregon is in the Rose Bowl to play Ohio State on New Year’s Day. Jeremiah Masoli might be the black Samoan Tim Tebow after the number that ESPN has been doing on this guy since he beat Southern Cal. Actually, as of now, he is the black Tim Tebow. Anyhoo, somebody already was bitching about this game because it involved teams that fell short of national title aspirations, to say nothing of the fact that the Rose Bowl is one of the biggest obstacles that proponents of a FCS playoff. It’s one game. You’re still getting Florida/Alabama-Texas…

Unless Ndmukong Suh has anything to say about it. Who? Suh, that defensive end from Nebraska that you probably haven’t heard of, helped vault the Huskers into the Big XII title game against Texas, and if he has his way, we could be seeing a Mountain West team play for the national championship. Which would doubly kick ass because Mack Brown would probably have a heart attack. Not that I want anyone to endure any sort of cardiac arrest. Except Mack Brown. His assistants could campaign for AP voters to find him a new heart. He seems to be good at doing that.

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