Manny Machado Threw A Huge Right Hand In This Orioles-Royals Brawl

We had ourselves a good old fashioned basebrawl on Tuesday night. Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura threw a fastball that hit Orioles star Manny Machado in the hip, and then all hell broke loose. Machado immediately took off for the pitchers mound, and after walking gingerly for a second (presumably because he just took a fastball to the hip), he scurried to Ventura and connected with a serious right hand.

Ventura looked like he got caught with the punch, but he managed to take Machado to the ground while Machado tried to lock in a chokehold. Both benches cleared as they tried to separate the two, and after everything got settled, both Machado and Ventura got tossed from the game.

We’re going to give this fight to Machado, who threw a stellar right that you usually don’t see in basebrawls that don’t involve Rougned Odor. Congratulations on winning this round of Baseball Fights, Manny. You don’t get a prize – in fact, the only thing you’ll probably get is a suspension because punching people in the head during a baseball game is bad – but man, what a right hand.