Manny Pacquiao Was Stunned By The Judges In Canelo-GGG Like Everyone Else

09.17.17 5 months ago

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Saturday night’s superfight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was a phenomenally entertaining bout as the two middleweight stars went the distance in a slugfest. After throwing more than 1200 combined punches on the night and nearly 400 of those landing over the course of 12 rounds, the bout went to the scorecards.

The old adage in boxing is that you never want to put a fight in the hands of the judges. The subjectivity of boxing’s scoring system and the variety of things judges can value more than another makes it nearly impossible to guess what will happen in a relatively close fight. On Saturday night, we had a close fight and, as often happens, the cards caused controversy.

The draw, to many in the arena, wasn’t a horrendous decision. Fans obviously dislike a draw because it feels like an incomplete finish, but in a fight where so many rounds felt close and had major swings in momentum, there were going to be some disparities among the judges’ cards. However, the 118-110 scorecard from Adalaide Byrd in favor of Canelo was egregious and something akin to boxing malpractice. Fans erupted on Twitter in anger, ESPN’s Teddy Atlas went into a wild rant about the decision, and Manny Pacquiao even took to Twitter to note the ridiculous scoring.

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