Manny Pacquiao Falls To Virtual Unknown Jeff Horn In A Massively Controversial Upset

07.02.17 10 months ago 14 Comments

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This will go down in the books. A virtual unknown muscled his way past the finesse of a legend and came out bloodied but on top. This is Rocky if Rocky won the first fight. Incredible. Absolutely incredible (no one can believe this happened). Here’s how it went down.

Despite ESPN’s neophyte coverage of boxing, we had a damn interesting match as the Battle of Brisbane. Manny Pacquiao was 38 years old, taking on an up and coming former high school teacher in Jeff Horn. Australia was fully behind Horn, who Stephen A Smith was constantly bashing through the night, calling him a no-name who’s beaten nobody. It seemed like Horn watched the coverage because he came out blazing, blasting Pac to the body and knocking out his mouthpiece in the first round.

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