Bruce Buffer Invited Manny Pacquiao To Fight Conor McGregor In The UFC

12.26.17 4 months ago

While Conor McGregor insists he’s returning to the UFC for his next fight, we can’t seem to get rid of rumors that maybe he’ll be fighting a boxer next anyways. There was all the smoke but no fire when it came to Floyd Mayweather moving over to the UFC for a fight (which Floyd backed away from the moment it started becoming too real).

And then there’s Manny Pacquiao, who got so eager about a Pacquiao-McGregor fight that UFC president Dana White had to threaten a lawsuit to make him back off. And while Manny’s promoter Bob Arum is claiming there’s no talk or intention on their side, other sources continue to push the narrative that Pacquiao has been trying to slide into McGregor’s DMs.

“I’ve had some of Manny’s friends call me and say ‘Can you talk to Conor’s management?’ I’ve had that happen over the last six months,” famed UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer told TMZ Sports. “It’s not my position to do that. I told them ‘You guys know who to call. Call the right people!’ Money talks and people walk.”

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