10.18.07 11 years ago 28 Comments

With the Boston Red Sox at the edge of elimination in Cleveland, slugger Manny Ramirez spent part of the team's (inexplicable and annoying) off-day talking to reporters.  And apparently Manny didn't get the memo that the baseball playoffs are the most important thing in the world ever.

"Why should we panic?" he said Wednesday in a rare clubhouse interview. "We've got a great team."

And then, this: "It doesn't happen, so who cares? There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world."

Oh my fucking GOD.  His entire life isn't BASEBALL???  Quick!  You grab the rope while I find a tree branch high and sturdy enough.  Everyone else, bring a torch!  Or a pitchfork!  Let's kill him!  Kill the traitor!  All that matters is baseball!!! 

Seriously, though: can we get a reprieve from the love-hate thing that Boston fans/media have for Manny?  Why are they constantly surprised by his nonchalance?  He's been on the team for seven years now.  It's like a neverending episode of Moonlighting.  Only without Bruce Willis's charm and Cybill Shepherd's glamorous looks.  Oh, Maddie and David — will they ever stop arguing and realize they deserve each other?  

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