Manti Te’o Wants You To Stop Joking About His Fake, Dead Girlfriend

It’s been almost two years since the tragic death of Lennay Kekua; two years since Deadspin outed her as a figment of Manti Te’o’s imagination. The jokes came fast and furious for months, with photoshops and memes and fake, dead girlfriends galore, a bonanza unseen on social media since the dawn of the internet.

But that was a long time ago, that was 2013. All the jokes have been told, all the photoshops have been made. Te’o knows he made a mistake, he knows Lennay never actually existed.

During Saturday’s game against the Niners, offensive tackle Anthony Davis rehashed those old jokes and demons right to Te’o’s face. Then he proudly posted it on social media. He’s the NFL version of Carlos Mencia, obviously.

On Monday, Te’O responded:

That joke. Still?

“I got harassed a few times last year (on the field). I expected that. But this year?” Te’o said Monday. “I told him, ‘Find a new joke.’ “

Yeah I’m with Manti. It’s over, it’s done with. Move on. Let’s bury the jokes like we buried Lennay Kekua.