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Stephon Marbury, banned from the Knicks after his initial benching and subsequent refusal to play for the team, has temporarily relocated to Los Angeles, where last night he watched the Knicks lose to the illness-plagued Lakers (recap here) — as a paying fan with courtside tickets.  From the New York Post:

“I’m not worried about [where I’ll play next],” Marbury said. “All I got to do is get free. Once I get free, the team I’m going to go to a lot of people will be shocked. All the people who say nobody wants me on their team, I’m all different things, a cancer, that’s not what’s going on.”

Not to nit-pick, but that IS what’s going on.  Like, exactly what’s going on.  Marbury is the opposite of correct.

Asked why he attended, Marbury said, “I just wanted to see the game. I miss it a lot. It’s the closest I can get to the game right now.”

Awww, poor guy.  He misses the game.  Why, if you gave him the choice of playing for free or sabotaging the team and refusing to play while continuing to collect a paycheck, he’d… uh, go with sabotage.  Definitely sabotage.

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