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“Whoever’s crazier has to buy popcorn.” “Deal.”” title=”“Whoever’s crazier has to buy popcorn.” “Deal.”” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

What a crock.  With Stephon Marbury going AWOL yesterday and threatening to spill his guts to the world about all the "shit" he had on Isiah Thomas, I had high hopes for tales of intrigue and blackmail and maybe even some good old-fashioned crime-of-passion murder.  But nooooo, stupid Marbury came out to LA and shook stupid Isiah's hand before coming off the stupid bench for the stupid Knicks, who lost to the Clippers 84-81.

"I'm positive all the way around. I'm covered. I'm fine. I feel good. I'm cool. I could walk with my head up," said Marbury… "I feel like I could go forward and do what I have to do. I have a job to do and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

What a bunch of crap.  I want the dirt, Marbury!  Your crazy weasel ass better start squealing, or so help me I'm gonna tell everyone I know that Isiah is gay.  I don't know if that's true, but I'll still tell everyone. (Seriously… he's gay, right?)

Elsewhere in the Association: Bron's monster triple-double (39 pts/13 boards/14 dimes) not enough for Cavs as they fall in OT to the Magic.  Dwight Howard had 35/16 with four blocks, and hit two free throws late in OT that gave Orlando the lead for good… Sonics finally break in to the win column by spoiling D-Wade's return and beating the putrid Heat… likable Raptors fall at home to cover organization for white power group.  Carlos Boozer (steroids?) led the "Jazz" with 23 and 12… Celts ride nasty defense to win over Nets, improve to 7-0; residual goodwill toward Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett still alive despite Boston fans' best efforts.

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