The Melting Nazis From ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Is The Ultimate Movie Death Scene

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We started with 64 action-ish movie death scenes, hand-picked by moi from some of my all-time favorite films from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. Sure, there were some omissions and angry movie lovers, many who didn’t comprehend that this wasn’t a horror movie death scene tournament, but we had fun, you guys. A lot of people voted from the beginning to the end, and we all sort of cheered and prayed that the 15-seed, Samuel L. Jackson being hilariously eaten by a shark in Deep Blue Sea, would go the distance. But it didn’t, and for the first time in the history of this March Morbidity tournament (that started this year), a 7-seed became the CHAMPION.

Congratulations to Raiders of the Lost Ark and its fans, as so many people realized the splendid beauty of watching two Nazi a-holes be melted and blown up after meddling with holy powers that they couldn’t possibly comprehend. Maybe one day in the near future a movie will come along that will give us a better death scene than this one, but until then, Raiders of the Lost Ark, enjoy your One Shining Moment.