Marcus Luttrell Of ‘Lone Survivor’ Fame Gave A Fantastic Pregame Speech To The Alabama Football Team

When Alabama beat then-no. 1 Mississippi State last Saturday, the Crimson Tide looked unstoppable for part of the game, jumping to a 19-0 lead and making a statement with the win. Perhaps that dominating performance derived from the inspiring pregame pep talk the team received, delivered by former Navy SEAL–and inspiration behind the movie Lone SurvivorMarcus Luttrell.

For the Crimson Tide, Luttrell detailed how he barely survived a Taliban ambush in 2005 while his friends and former SEALs died around him. His speech included all of the expected themes: sacrifice, teamwork, never giving up. It also includes an excessive and regrettable use of the word “b*tch,” but Luttrell’s do-or-die tale gets the adrenaline pumping nonetheless.