Marcus Smart Lived Up To His Name, Shoved A Fan At Texas Tech In The Final Moments Of An Upset Loss

In case you’re wondering what everyone’s typing THUG about on Twitter Saturday night, Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart tumbled into the crowd during the closing seconds of an upset loss to Texas Tech and ended up shoving a fan. This has prompted outrage from every corner of the Internet, and created the most intriguing “what’d this guy say” scenario since the ending to Lost In Translation.

Here’s the video. 10,000 bonus Internet points if you can figure out what the guy said to get pushed.

UPDATE: Via @EricSports, the fan’s name is Jeff Orr, and … well …

Oh. Uh, that’s not good.

The lady who witnessed it up close is my favorite part.

You tattletale. Here’s another angle on her: